Coloring Pages for Cat Enthusiasts

Special Cat Coloring Pages for Cat Enthusiasts

Cats are beloved companions for many people. These stunning cat coloring pages will delight both children and adults.

These adorable kitty drawings offer simple designs suitable for preschool and kindergarten kids as well as intricate detail pieces designed to appeal to older kids and adults. Use crayons, markers or light watercolours to bring these images to life!

Cats in the Garden

Cats love playing in the garden! Watch as this cat chases after a butterfly! Use your coloring supplies to color in him and the beautiful blooms that surround him.

This adorable page offers many extensive areas for kids to color. Cats and flowers alike make beautiful subjects for coloring with markers or crayons. Kids will have lots of fun making these pages vibrant!

This adorable coloring page featuring two cats in love makes for an adorable sheet to print for young children as well as adults alike, thanks to its vibrant colors and detailed images. Be sure to save this for later; it may become one of your favourites! You could even use it as inspiration for creating art using cats as subjects against a floral backdrop!

Cats on a Mat

Cats are naturally inquisitive creatures who love observing everything that goes on around them, such as this coloring sheet depicting one curled up on a mat watching its owner-bird friends! In this coloring page, a feline observer is crouched observantly while their feathered friend roams nearby.

Cat foraging mats, also known as treat puzzle or snuffle mats, provide an engaging way for cats to engage while also preventing destructive behaviours like digging, scratching and chewing. To train your cat how to use one effectively, pair the cue “Go to Mat” with treats marked by clicker clicks or verbal praise until your feline settles onto it and sits relaxed upon it.

Grab the crayons and markers, as this simple design with large areas to color will provide plenty of entertainment for younger children.

Cats and Flowers

Cats are naturally curious creatures who love exploring objects we store away from their reach. Therefore, it’s wise to store knickknacks and flowers out of reach from them as any that are not cat-safe could make them sick and even pose a health risk to our feline friends.

This adorable little cat, surrounded by hearts, appears to be having great fun playing with its favourite toy – possibly yarn unwinding.

This adorable cat with a flower head would be great fun to color. Choose one hue for its head or combine colors for a rainbow-esque effect; or get creative and color the petals individually as well. Give this feline an unexpected name such as Sprig, Sprout or Black-Eyed Susan to make him more memorable.

Cats with Wings

This coloring page depicts a cat who seems confused to find themselves inside of a takeout container of food, yet more excited by a bowl of milk – one of his favourite treats.

Though many cats exhibit appendages that resemble wings, most appear as large mats of hair or loose flaps that rise when the cat runs and lower when she stops. One notable exception was Dorothy, a black-and-white feline with an impressive two-foot wingspan who lived in Backbarrow Village, Cumbria in 1995.

Fantasy fans are sure to delight in coloring this adorable unicorn cat, featuring its feline body combined with that of a magical creature’s head. She may wish to draw the unicorn’s horn in an alternate shade of purple than what appears on its fur.

Cats with Distinctive Marks

This coloring page features intricate details to color in, making it a great picture to work on in small sessions over several days.

Cats are known for their playful nature, so it comes as no surprise that this cat is chasing after a butterfly. Children who love cats will enjoy adding colorful designs while adults will appreciate the intricate detailing in its fur and wings.

Give this stress-relieving coloring book for cat lovers as the perfect present. Each one-sided page features solid colors to prevent bleeding through markers and other coloring tools, featuring illustrations of numerous breeds of cats.